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Established in 1963 as manufacturer of electromedical instruments, Euromedica has gradually diversified the production turning its own ability and experience towards other marcket niches. Since 1975 the production concerns the plants utilized for the surfaces treatment and finishing in the following sectors: jewellery, mechanic, eyewear industry, galvanic, automotive, medical, electronic and others.

In particulars Euromedica is specialized to manufacture ultrasonics cleaners and degreasers, ovens and dryers with air circulation system, immersible transducers and ultrasonics generators, manual or automatic plants for cleaning-rinsing-drying cycles, ribbon or rollers rectilinear conveyers.

Each plant is planned, realized and tested inside the Company; these prerogatives guarantee the quality of products under tecnical profile in terms of power, security and reliability.

The continuous search of innovative solutions aimed to solve the specific problems has allowed to Euromedica the reaching of high qualitative levels and a considerable role in its own sector being able to boast prestigious references among the customers.