Air circulation dryers for thermal processes up to 200C

Available in any size, the JOKER series dryers may be combined in a modular way to the POKER unit to complete the cleaning cycle with the drying stage in short times. They can be loaded from the top as ultrasonic cleaners, introducing the same baskets or frames used in previously stages, therefore it is possible to avoid the handling of pieces which is usually necessary with other drying systems.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dryer main structure, external panels, top and lid made of AISI 304 s.s.; internal chamber made of AISI 316-L s.s.; pivoted lid equipped with silicon rubber seal; double wall of chamber is composed by two opposite fins series of different structure which ensure uniform temperature and minimize losses of heat also when the lid is open; thermic insulation of chamber and lid; standard supports for baskets and/or frames located on the inside walls of the chamber;
  • heating are carry out by a series of resistors protected with AISI 316 s.s. sheaths adjacent to the circulation system for a complete transfer of heat; thermostatic control of the air from room temperature to 210 C; auxiliary control of temperature;
  • air circulation system of centrifugal type is carry out by a s.s. fan wheel;
  • in compliance with CEI EN 60335-1, EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2 standards; IP 55 protection degree.

Optionals: two-speed air forced circulation; one chamber with more than one position ot two-three independent chamber; baskets, frames, racks.


overall LxWxH
chamber LxWxD
JOK 15 510x510x875 250x250x410 25 1000 380 3N ~
JOK 25 510x610x875 250x350x410 35 1400 380 3N ~
JOK 36 610x610x875 350x350x410 50 1800 380 3N ~
JOK 49 610x660x875 350x400x410 57 2400 380 3N ~
JOK 60 560x760x875 300x500x510 76 3600 380 3N ~