"C" serie

"C" serie

Standard ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning processes using aqueous solutions or comparable fluids


Technical Specifications:

  • Cleaner main structure, external panels, top and lid made of AISI 304 s.s., insulated with sound-proofed material; tank made of AISI 316-L s.s. with walls welded in a controlled argon atmosphere; pivoted lid equipped with silicon rubber seal and drip-receive gutter; standard supports for baskets and/or frames located on the inside walls of the tank;
  • heating are carry out by a series of resistors protected with incoloy 800 sheaths directly immersed in the liquid for a complete transfer of heat; thermostatic control of the liquid from room temperature to 90 C; thermic insulation of tank and lid; auxiliary control of liquid temperature; minimum control level device;
  • nickel-alloy magnetostrictive transducer consisting of a number of spaced plates arranged uniformly on the radiating surface to generate an equipotential mechanical action with no low-efficiency areas. The special braze welding technology (not glueing) of sheets ensures the maximum transfer of energy and keeps the seam invulnerable by sudden changes in temperature and by mechanical vibrations;
  • static ultrasonic generator of modular construction and made up of very reliable circuits which constantly optimize the power efficiency according to the different physical changes of the liquid;
  • in compliance with CEI EN 60335-1, EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2 standards; sound pressure level in compliance with 80/1107/CEE standard; IP 55 protection degree.

Optionals: time switch, ultrasonic power regulator, containers, rack, hooks, frames.