System 5

Automatic lines for ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing and drying

System 5


Euromedica, urged by a continuous demand for new solutions due to the progressive elimination of solvents and to the increase of specific problems, has designed and manufactured SYSTEM 5, a plant able to carry out a complete cleaning cycle.

SYSTEM 5 is made up of cleaning tanks activated by ultrasonics, which are alternated with rinsing tanks, and of a forced air circulation chamber for the final drying. The modular composition allows to assemble each unit in way to carry out the cleaning cycle according to any production need. Being extremely reliable, powerful, full of technological and qualitative contents, SYSTEM 5 cleans, rinses and dries any piece in a short time, also those with a lot of liquid, without stains due to calcareous or contamination residuals.


Technical Specifications:

  • Main structure and external panels made of AISI 304 s.s.; tops and tanks made of AISI 316-L s.s. welded in a controlled argon atmosphere; heating of liquid is carry out by resistors protected with sheaths made of incoloy 800, directly in contact with liquid for a complete transfer of heat; thermic insulation of tanks and lids; internal walls of fairings insulated with sound-proofed material; ultrasonic generators are of modular construction and made up of very reliable circuits which constantly optimize the power efficiency according to the different physical-chemical changes of liquid.
  • Dryer with air forced circulation system is designed to complete the cleaning cycle with the same operations as those of cleaners; the air flow is calibrated for a quickly evaporation of liquid without shaking the hanging pieces; double wall of chamber composed with two opposite fins series of different structure which minimize the losses of heat also when the lid is open and ensure a inside uniform temperature.
  • Self-learning robot carries out the cleaning cycles in single or continuous way, its memory capacity includes eight separate programs of 250 steps each; all controls (start, stop, movement, opening, closing, switching on and off, etc.) are checked through a serial dialog between photoelectric cells; the microprocessor manages the handling according to distance and inertia of the hooked load, it keeps the movement smooth and without shocks; the programming of cleaning cycle (all positions and automatic functions of the robot) can be memorized step by step through the push buttons of manual keyboard.
  • Infrared barriers allow to work in security and in compliance with the EN 50100/1-2 norm, isolating the zone of mechanisms without applying any fixed protection; the protection system is active along the plant perimeter; it is constituted by two transmitter and two receivers which create a grid of crossed rays able to detect any piece up to minimum dimension of 6 mm entering inside the protected area. When the immaterial barriers are crossed they stop immediately all motion members and the inviolability is warranted also in presence of surreptitious means (ex.: other transmitter, stroboscopic flashlights, specular surfaces inside the sensitive area, etc.). The possibility to exclude the barriers by means of a key device and the absence of fixed obstacles allow an easy access inside the tanks for periodical maintenances.
  • Transducers (the units generating mechanical vibrations in the liquid) of magnetostrictive type are made of nickel-alloy, composed with a number of spaced sheets arranged uniformly on radiating surface to generate an equipotential mechanical action with no low-efficency areas. The special braze welding technology (not glueing) of sheets ensures the maximum transfer of energy and keeps the seam invulnerable by sudden changes in temperature and by mechanical vibrations.
  • Compliance with the CEI EN 60335-1 (2nd edition) norm of the Low Voltage Directive; compliance with EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2 norms on emission and immunity in the industrial environments of the Directive on the Electromagnetic Compatibility; mechanical protection degree: IP 55; sound pressure level in compliance with the 80/1107/CEE Directive.
  • Standard equipment: opening and closing controls of the dryer lid, checks of the basket presence on loading and unloading stations.

Optional equipment: conveyer on loading and unloading stations of belt or roller type and checks of the basket positioning and presence; opening and closing controls of lid on tanks with heating; turning on and out controls of the ultrasonics working; variator of the ultrasonic power; accessories: baskets, frames, racks.


overall LxWxH
inside LxWxD
PJ 15 2400x510x900 250x250x410 2x500 (2x800)+900 380 3N ~
PJ 25 2400x610x900 250x350x410 2x800 (2x1600)+900 380 3N ~
PJ 36 2900x610x900 350x350x410 2x1000 (2x1600)+1800 380 3N ~
PJ 49 2900x660x900 350x400x410 2x1200 (2x2400)+1800 380 3N ~
PJ 60 2650x760x1000 300x500x510 2x1500 (2x2400)+1800 380 3N ~